I like Pinterest and am NOT afraid to say it!

This post, titled Your Children Want YOU!, has gone viral, but am I the only one that looks at these pins on Pinterest and DOES NOT feel the way the author does?  I don't look at all these pins and think badly of myself.  I KNOW I'm not superwoman and don't intend to be.  I post things I like, not because I feel like I need to do them all to have a sense of worth, but because I just like them.

Source: brides.com via Susan on Pinterest

For example, I posted a pic of cake pops with rainbow colored drizzles and sprinkles.  Do I aspire to be a cake pops diva?  NOPE!  I just like the pic and think it may be something fun to try one day WITH my girls.  I am not looking at this pin and tear myself apart because I have never made cake pops, don't even know what the covering is on them and have NO CLUE where in Mexico I could even find these pretty colors or even the sticks to make them "pops" instead of just "balls."  I just spotted them, liked the image, thought my baking-inclined child would like these and pinned it on my Pinterst account.  Same with the rainbow cake, but I really do hope to make one someday because it's just so neat!  And I love to bake.

Then there's the photos of neat places.  The panda pic, my favorite one, IS one that I DO hope to experience some day, but I don't waste mental energy making myself feel bad for not having been there yet.  It is one of my family travel bucket list items…something I really want to do before I die, but not just for me, but for my children to experience, too.  Do I get angry when I think about how expensive it would be for all 7 of us to fly to China and (among a ton of other things to do in China) pet a juvenile panda?  No.  I know if it's meant to be, it will happen, but will do what I can to help make it happen for us when the time is right.

Source: poshjourneys.com via Susan on Pinterest

Anyone else just enjoy Pinterest for what it IS, a neat place to organize links in a photo-centered format???

I do appreciate the sentiment of the author and the message she's trying to convey, but really, this is NOT about Pinterest, is it?  It is more about being confident in WHO you are, WHAT you're called to do (if you're not called to do something, for goodness sake, DO NOT DO IT!), WHERE God has you in life right now and WHY you're there!

Yes, I am using lots of CAPS in this post because I just can't relate and it deeply saddens me that there are other moms, WONDERFUL moms, who mentally abuse themselves because they aren't perfect.  Leave perfection to the one who IS perfect.  Then, let yourself just enjoy the beautiful images of places and people and things and be thankful you have eyes to see them.

Allowing yourself to feel bad over those images is, simply put, idolatry.  So, I encourage you to keep on "Pinning", but not so you can showcase all the things you *should* be doing as a wife/mother/sister/woman.  Do it because the photos make you smile or remind you of someone you love or are just links that you want to save for later with photos so you can remember what in the world they are!


Like these ice cubes with flowers inside.  I never ever ever plan to make these.  Not ever.  But they just make me smile because they're pretty and know the amount of work that would go into them and, if anyone ever served me a glass of water with them, I would feel special.

So here's one last pin for you that is "school" related.  I have it on my "Things that make me smile" board.  You'll have to click it to read it, unless your eyes are significantly better than my failing ones:

Source: touchmath.com via Susan on Pinterest


If you want to see what crazy stuff I post on Pinterest, you are welcome to do so as long as you just see them to enjoy them.  Okay? :o)  What do you think?  Does seeing all those posts on Pinterest make you feel bad or do you just like it for what it is, an online bulletin board?  Feel free to share this post with anyone who may enjoy it!

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  • Diane_Hurst

    Well, it kind of makes sense . . . but it sounds like you are a very confident person who is is feeling lonely that she is so confident and others aren’t! I think it’s great that you have the self-confidence to not be affected by envy and feelings of incompetency.

    The fact that this post went viral shows that there are many people who struggle with these things.

    I’ve never been on Pinterest (except to look at the cartoon above– funny! My math-challenged daughter would relate to this), and probably won’t join it– at least not soon, as I have limited computer time.

    But I do relate to the idea that “my children need me”– and need me to not always be wrapped up in my own projects and interests. Social media is a necessary thing in my life right now– because I’m building an internet business and networking for a music avocation. But sometimes It looks to me like a necessary evil, when it takes me away from time I’d like to be spending doing other things.

    Young mothers today are the first generation to be presented with all these new distractions/opportunities; I truly feel that I could not have managed doing internet work or constant texting, etc. when I had babies and young children. It is hard enough for me to learn to incorporate these things into my schedule without young children.

    But I also know that young people are very tech-savvy and more oriented towards these things, so it is probably not such a challenge to them. The feelings and ideas brought up by this blogger are not limited to the use of social media, and I don’t think she was attacking the use of Pinterest or other social media as being detrimental in themselves. I can totally see how using Pinterest to look at images might be a fun hobby, and many people probably do enjoy just finding things they like and “pinning” them, without feelings of inadequacy being a result.

  • http://www.mrshomeschool.com Mrs. Homeschool

    It does get very lonely thinking the way I think much of the time. And it has hindered some friendships because I feel like if I share how I really think, they just don’t get it. Thankfully my husband does “get” me, so I can talk with him. But I think even he sometimes wishes I had a close friend that understood my crazy through patterns! :o)

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