Leveraging Amazon for Passive Income

If you've been following me for long, you know I am a HUGE eBay fan.  eBay has been a great source of income for our family, so much so that I even did a "How to Make Money on eBay" course last spring.

But I've been seeing some great potential on Amazon, especially since they're now getting more traffic (buying eyes) than eBay is.  And there are several ways to sell on Amazon.

The selling platforms on Amazon.com include:

  • Kindle store – great for selling your eBooks
  • CreateSpace – sell physical book, cd, dvd versions of your content
  • Amazon Associates – earn affiliate commissions for sales you refer to Amazon
  • Amazon Sellers – list items on Amazon, they process payment, you ship & handle returns
  • Amazon FBA – your items on Amazon, but they store, ship, process orders & handle returns


I haven't used CreateSpace yet, but plan to.  The learning curve seems a little steep and I'm not ready to invest the time in that yet.  I may outsource this in the future.

I LOVE the Kindle store…not to buy, but to sell.  I've had several ebooks on there and just recently logged in to see that I was due another deposit.  I'm actually working on adding more and more to my Kindle store because it's a very passive income stream once you have it setup.  But you DO have to have your own content to publish.


Amazon Associates is great now that we don't live in NC anymore.  Some state don't allow you to use it, NC being one of them.  The way it works is you use a special link to refer people to something on Amazon's website.  For example, when I recommend a book to you and you buy it through my link, Amazon will pay me a small commission.  It's a pretty low payment structure, but it takes very little effort and you can recommend quality products from a seller that does a great job with shipping and customer service.


Amazon Sellers is pretty much like eBay…you list your items on the site, have to ship when they sell and if there's any problems, you have to handle the returns.  The problem with this is you can't really run this passively.  Since many people have told me they don't even want to attempt eBay because the thought of having to ship items is not appealing, this is not the most passive of incomes.


And then there's the Amazon FBA program.  This is a SUPER option you need to add to your existing income streams.  Here's how it works.  You take the items you want to sell and setup a shipment in your account.  Amazon will let you use their shipping rates and, after you label your items, you can ship them off to Amazon's warehouse.


You do have to pay to store your items there, but it's SUPER cheap.  Then, when your items sell, Amazon will pack and ship them for you!  They even handle returns.  The awesome thing is that you can travel, have a baby, whatever you want…and Amazon handles everything.  It's a little work up front and then totally passive once the box of your items leaves your hands.


I've actually been thinking about creating a "How to Sell on Amazon FBA" course showing you how to do the whole process, from start to finish, but thankfully, my #1 online mentor, Jim Cockrum and several other Amazon experts have done all the work for me.  Well, not specifically for me! *wink*


Every course Jim creates is top notch and proven to work when you go through the steps.  Yes, there IS work involved in creating an Amazon FBA income stream.  No silver bullets or "easy riches" here.


I've actually got a box full of items ready to send off this week.  I've had a good experience so far with selling on Amazon's FBA and plan to utilize it even more this year.  It is a great way to diversify your income if all you've been doing is selling on eBay.  It's also a great time to start if you've been spring cleaning and have lots of books you want to sell and do pretty well with.  Books do VERY well on Amazon.


Now, even though this isn't MY course, I stand behind it 100%.  If you order the course and decide you don't like it, you can always request a refund, but DO NOT go into it with the "refund mentality" please.  If Jim won't refund your purchase, I WILL!


So go ahead and check out the Proven Amazon FBA course now.  I think you'll love selling on Amazon!

Have you sold on Amazon before?  Have you used the FBA program?  What do you think of it?

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